Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy Half Birthday, Precious One!

Dearest Baby Paul,

When we named you after your beloved great grandfather, we truly hoped you'd have the chance to know how wonderful he was in person. But before the legends about Dr. Paul grow with time, let me say now that they're probably not too hyperbolized, he really was an AMAZING human being. I think you're on track to grow up to be wonderful as well!
Paulie's definitely on track to grow up to be tall like his great grandfather. At 6 months he measured 28.5 inches, 98% (half an inch taller than his brother at this age), and 20lbs 7 oz, 93% (5 ounces more than Isaiah, not that we'd compare them!) So, when people wonder if Paul or Isaiah was/is chubbier, I now know that they're about the same, Paul's a little longer and a little heavier, so probably equally as chunky.

With his presumed relflux and yet-to-be-fully-determined digestive issues, Paul got a late start on lying down, tummy time, and such, so he's not rolling a ton, but he can mostly get back and forth, if that pesky arm would just get out of the way. He's getting really good at sitting up, just don't let go of him for too long, or he'll surely lose his balance. And his proudest accomplishment to date, is that he's gone number 1 and 2 on the potty. We love Elimination Communication around here!
When he feels good, there's no one sweeter!
Paulie tried many new foods this month. He agreed with most of them, but some didn't agree with him. I've been on a rollercoaster of diets trying to find what works best for him nursing-wise, but that's for another post.
His first taste of pickle was a hit.
A good night's sleep is still a far off dream for us, but we're moving in that direction, by transitioning Isaiah into his big boy bed, and Paul into the crib (at least for the beginning of the night.) Let's be real, they both end up in our room by morning. Although Isaiah likes to call his brother "Pollywog," (we all do) and say that he's "Too Yittle" for everything, he's really starting to enjoy interacting with him.
It's so fun watching them start to play together in and out of the tub!
Sharing at Granddad Paul's funeral while holding his namesake, Baby Paul.
Squishy, soft, smiley babies are my sweet spot! Although if growing up means his tummy will feel better, or God will be able to better use him to impact the world, then I'll let him grow up, but just a little bit for now.

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